Friday, March 14, 2008

San Fransisco Trip (part 1)

Random Stencil

Photo by Aida at Golden Gate Park

She took some more pictures of me in the pink 60's cocktail dress I got there! so pretty. (which i will post in another post)

Aida's tiny hot pink booties!

Bridge By Pagoda

Aida and I

Pagoda in Golden Gate Park

Really old Stone Bridge in Golden Gate Park

I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland wandering around Golden Gate Park.

Surreal and gorgeous place.

Things I Will Do Next Time I Visit San Fransisco

  • Spend more time with Aida and Melissa and my Auntie and Radly

  • Spend more time taking pictures and generally hanging out in Golden Gate Park

  • Get some boutiques to carry my clothing (

  • Spend more time going to places Aida tells me to go with her too

  • Go to an El Salvadorean Bakery (I miss the cookies!)

  • Save money to buy more vintage scores!

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