Friday, March 28, 2008

I sold my first item on Etsy today!

Don't forget the coupon ;)

If you are new to etsy my biggest advice to list often and check out othe sellers and the forums.

My goals for etsy.

  • I want to become an entire lifestyle boutique selling a large range of items: clothing items and home items.
  • To put together gift sets that include gift item, gift bag, and gift card (all made by me!)
  • Make coupons to put in orders to encourage repeat costemers!
  • Make more free gifts like buttons (pins) and stickers to send with purchases
  • Make email and postcard offers a few times a year, so I won't get annoying ;)


babyhoot said...

congrats on your first sale! and welcome to Etsy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your fist sale! You are so talented and ambitious. I like your goals :)

Erika Obscura said...

Thank you! So sweet! Made my day :D