Saturday, April 26, 2008

DwellStudio for Target

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. In addition to being insanely busy with school, sales and designing new items, my computer has also been acting weird and I need to reinstall photoshop.

So lets catch up REALLY FAST.

  • Did an event at mesa college last Thursday and made killer sales.
  • Babydolls are selling like hotcakes in person and online
  • Have a few new designs coming out really soon
  • Started Millinery AKA Hat making class and I'm loving it!
  • Going to do another event at Mesa's student work sale on May 1
  • Probably missing tons of ofter vital info but oh -well

AND Lastly I'm going to get the comforter and pillow set featured above from Dwell Studio for Target (its in mail!) I've been waiting for it for so long I thought it was never going to be sent. You can find the original of this design (that the one above is based on) at the Dwell website for over double the price I am getting it for including silk pillow! It has been very difficult for me to find something that would go with my bedroom. See this post to see my huge sweet cabinet! I guess some how I stumbled on black and yellow color combo. Wish me luck it all looks good and ties together!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PARTY Fundraiser UCSD's Secret Scholar

PARTY Fundraiser UCSD's Secret Scholar this Sat.

You should come if you live in San Diego, or close.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm On Shopping Restriction

I really shouldn't be shopping. I'm stopping today! I swear.
I need to put a lot of my personal clothing collection up for sale. Soon.
However, I just couldn't resist the following purchases:
1) Sailor Dress from Starlets and Harlots. I know this is a knock-of from an indie designer that came out with it awhile back, but I just couldn't resist.
2) I had to buy this pin. I was obsessing about it. I just love it. This etsy designer is amazing. I want just about all her stuff. Creepy cute and one-of-a-kind. Just like me ;P
To find out who designed the pin I bought check out my etsy page:

Shopping Post

Check out Lisa representing with her Black Heart Bunny tote!

I went vintage shopping with Lisa, UCSD's fashion magazine (The Secret Scholar) editor. We scored some awesome vintage finds. A flight attendant was attempting to sell her large collection of hats at one of the stores and we snagged one each.

The hat I got looks a lot like the hat I posted earlier. Her are some pictures from the fun afternoon. Will show you the dresses I bought in a later post.
My Outfit: Hat, vintage (I had vintage pink sequined beret on earlier.) Top, "vintage" marc by marc jacobs. Belt, vintage (mom's old belt.) Jeans, Topshop.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Geeks and Chics" Party Pic

Black Heart Bunny participated in a Fashion Show fundraiser for UCSD's Fashion Magazine "Secret Scholar." The theme of the party was "Geeks and Chics."

I created Black Heart Bunny with these type of girls in mind; young beautiful, smart, success-minded young women! It was pleasure to meet such gorgeous young woman and to be part of this event. Hope to work with the Secret Scholar girls in the future!

Video of the event coming soon!

The Evolution of Black Heart Bunny Labels!

Above is my very first label!

Above is my second label. Use to print in back shirts. Looked good (don't judge by the bad photos!), but too time consuming to print.

I want to focus my time and energy on printing and creating the actual artwork on the shirts. I also think it will help me look more professional in the end. I feel like this is a crucial step in helping Black Heart Bunny move upwards and onwards! Yay! so excited.

Sorry about the bad pics, but I hope you get a good idea :)

Visit !

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Goals For The Rest Of The Week/Weekend

  • Pick up ink from distributor, order more ink
  • Make screens for ship design
  • Make screen for smaller deer design
  • Hopefully print something new
  • Airbrush new dresses
  • Work on artwork for 3 new designs I'm working on
  • Take more time to work on art
  • Finish design projects I have been procrastinating

PS I got wholesale inquiry and a convo within the hour of posting new items!

Half-off on One-offs SALE going on now!

Check it out! BHB is going to be big!

Fashion Stuff

Anyone like the new look of my blog?

According to Fashion Indie. Karl Lagerfeld is going to be in Grand Theft Auto 4. His character going to be a DJ. If this is true, it's totally weird. I love fashion and really like video games, but I never thought the worlds would really come together (read: cross promote) like this. Rockstar's games are very cool. The company has a studio based in San Diego too. They developed Red Dead Revolver, which is a very fun cool game.

I like this hat/headband. I'm starting my millinery class next Friday! Can't wait to see what I'm going to make.

Going to to post on last Sunday's fashion show later when I get more pics or video.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Thursday, April 03, 2008

San Diego Fashion Show House Party!


***FASHION/ TRUNK SHOW April 5, 2008****

♥ FREE Drinks All Night!

♥ Special Prices On All Clothing!

♥ New designs!

♥ FREE totes w/ purchase + surprise!

♥ $5 cover

♥ 9 PM - 2 AM (doors close at 11:30PM)

♥ Theme: MUST dress Geek or Chic

♥ 3630 Andromeda Rd. San Diego, CA 92126

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I love cupcakes!

I want this book! Hello Cupcake!

Good News, Bad News

Good: Got a quote on my labels
Bad: May not be able to print them inpink

Good: Babydolls I ordered will be shipped today.
Bad: Some colors and sizes I wanted are unavailable.