Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowen Everyone!

I use to love Halloween. Ok, I still do, but I'm going to start planning my costume for NEXT year today.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why only for Halloween?

I think this is just a cool idea for trompe l oeil curtains. I can't really find what I want right now, I might do it.
"Spooky Paper Curtains: Replace fabric curtains with elegant, gothic-inspired ones made of paper.
Tools and Materials24-by-36-inch heavy-weight black paper from art-supply storeScissorsMasking tape
Printing Instructions for TemplatesOnce template is open on your computer screen, click the print icon or press Ctrl P on your keyboard. When the print screen appears, select "Print As Image" under the Properties button on the upper right. Click OK to print.
Spooky Curtain How-ToThese patterns combine to form the top and side panels of the curtain.
1. Download the templates, which you'll print in sections and tape together.
2. Trace the shapes onto black paper, and cut out.
3. Place looped pieces of masking tape on the curtain's edges, and attach to the inside edge of the window's frame."

Monday, October 29, 2007


Pretty new packaging for some of M.A.C. new colors. Pretty.

Sierra Nevada

Pictures I took on my way back from Yosemite.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


If somehow you haven't heard, practically all of Southern California is on fire. Thousands of multi-million-dollar homes have gone up in the blaze. Living in the center of San Diego it feels as though we are surrounded by fire. Even with the door and windows closed, my throat hurts and my eyes are burning. The only good thing that has come of this is the feeling of love and community. We are a big city but it feels like a small town. Needless to say this is still the most horrific thing I've ever experienced.
To read more about the experience go to this article and this article both written by the lovely Miss Jessica Dungans with photos by James Norton.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Top Hat

Anybody else has the urge to wear one? Just me?

The Top Hat was invented by John Hetherington in 1797. Apparently it created chaos and controversy in the streets of London when he wore it public.

Free Fashion Classes in San Diego

There are actually a few free classes in San Diego you can take but these are the ones I'm signing up for ASAP.

Learn techniques in clothing/textile surface design for the production of embellished wearing apparel and household items. Create original designs.

This open entry/open exit course introduces the student to basic pattern making skills used to create apparel and costumes for clients, self, and family members. The course focuses on the development of garment patterns using one or more of the following methods: drafting, flat pattern manipulation, draping, and computer-aided pattern making. Information on copying previously made garments will be included along with guidelines for the use of a croquis for garment design.

*Photo Credit MAC Cosmetics
Why? Sexy picture for sexy classes ;)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Cute Crafts by Jennifer Murphy (Bunnies)

1. Make 2 pompoms, one 6 yard (or 6 arm spans) and one 4 yards (or 4 arm spans). Tie with heavy thread tightly.
2. Trim the larger pompom (body) into an oval. Trim the smaller pompom (head) into a cone. Trim off threads
3. Cut ears out of felt, fold and glue the bottom of the ear and clamp using hemostats. (allow to dry)
4. Glue and press the ears into the head. (allow to dry)
5. Glue eyes into place. (allow to dry)
6. String pink embroidery floss or pink yarn thru the space where the nose should be and trim the same length as the rest of the pompom.
7. Knot a double threaded needle with heavy thread. Pull thru and clip long for whiskers.
8. Open a space in the body for the arms and legs. Glue into the pompom body and push the chenille stems into the body. (allow to dry)
9. Fold chenille stems in half so the end goes into the pompom for the arm. For the legs fold so the bunny becomes the desired height.
10. Glue head onto Body. (allow to dry)
11. Skirt. Cut the round bottoms off two cupcake wrappers. Trim one wrapper with pinking sheers. Glue the two pieces together at waist.
12. Tack the skirt onto the bunny on the front, back and under each arm.
13. Dab small dots of glue around the top of the skirt and glue rick rack into place.
14. Tie a bow around her neck.
15. Bend the bunnies arms to hold a bunch of vintage flowers.
16. Base: paint a small circle of wood off white.
17. Trace the circle on pink paper. Cut just inside the line with pinking sheers and glue onto the wooden base. (allow to dry)
18. Bend the bunnies feet at the ankle and glue her feet onto the wooden base. (allow to dry)

Cute Crafts by Jennifer Murphy (pumpkins)

~~~~~ Pumpkin Greetings Project ~~~~~
Felt- orange and black
Heavy Waxed Thread or Dental Floss
Large Needle
Felt Glue
Excelsior Wood Shavings
Black Pins
Heavy Wire
Pipe Cleaners
Small Brads or Gold Pins
Two Fabric Fall Leaves

Making the body and head:
1. Cut two orange felt circles 4" and 5.5" in diameter.

2. With heavy waxed thread or dental floss doubled over and knotted at one end, run a gathering stitch around the outside of the smaller circle.
Leave open. This will become the head for your pumpkin man.

3. Pack a small ball of Excelsior (wood shavings) in a ball slightly larger than the desired size for the finished head.

4. Place the excelsior ball into the felt circle. Pull thread tight. While holding the felt ball stitch around the opening again and knot closed.
You may need to stitch around the opening a third time to pull the opening closed securely. Clip thread.

5. With black floss, sew lines onto the head running the thread from the bottom opening to the center top of the head.

6. Repeat above steps for the larger circle to make the body.

Making the Face:
While everyone can create their own expression for their Jack-O-Lantern, here are the instructions for making one like mine!

7. Cut 2 small triangles for eyes. Place triangles on head and secure with a drop of glue, and stick small black pins to hold in place and look like eyes.

8. Use another black pin in the middle of head for nose.

9. Cut a strip of felt about 1" long with pinking sheers, cut the bottom off in a crescent shape. Stick in place with a dab of glue. Temperately hold in place with pins.

10. Cut a piece of heavy wire about 2" long. Stick one end into the bottom of the head. With a large needle make an opening in the top of the body.
Fill the opening in the head with glue and stick the two pieces together.

11. Make another opening in the body with the large needle for the pipe cleaner arms and legs.
You may need to "thread" the needle with the pipe cleaner to get them to easily come through the body.

12. Cut the arms for desired length. Fold the pipe cleaner legs in half and push the end back into the body.
If you are using fluffy pipe cleaners trim the ends be more slim. Bend into place.

Final Touches:
13. Trim a small velvet leaf into a bow tie shape. Place a small brad or gold pin in the center and press this
into the pumpkin at the base of his neck. Dab a little glue onto the back to hold in place.

14. Place the rest of the brads or pins as buttons down the front of the pumpkin. Glue as needed.

15. Cut down another fabric leaf to about 1/2" leaving the long wire end attached. Bend about a 1/4" below the leaf.
Make an opening in the top of the head, and with a dab of glue stick the leaf and wire into place. Once dry, spiral the wire around a needle.

16. Create your paper greeting for your pumpkin to hold... glue in place.

I love Halloween & Martha Stewart is a Bad Ass

"To invite your guests, send them a plaster cast of your own index finger, nestled on beds of preserved reindeer moss.

Severed Finger Invitations How-To
Mix mold rubber according to package instructions, and pour into a paper cup.

1. Insert your finger. Remove finger when the mold rubber dries (about 2 minutes).

2. Pour quick-dry casting plaster into the mold, and allow to set overnight. Carefully remove the dried-plaster finger: This may require cutting the mold; otherwise, each mold will usually allow one or two more fingers to be cast before a new mold is required.

3. To make your invitations truly cadaverous, mix India ink and water (1/2 teaspoon ink to 1 cup water), and dab the mixture onto the fingers using a natural sponge. Photocopy the invitation, cut out, and glue to the inside lid of a small cardboard box. Place reindeer moss in the base of the box; using silk embroidery ribbon, tie a "ribbon reminder" around the finger, and place inside the box."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

So now Kate Moss AW07 is arriving October 25th?

I was kind of concerned. The clothes I was seeing was looking "meh." Lets hope this second coming will produce something more exciting. On a side note: the wig they put on her for this I-D photo shoots is sooo gross. It looks like they used it wipe something off the floor and put it on her. I know that's a "look," however why not just take it all the way and not half way ... you know? Bleh. Whatever.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Alexander McQueen for M.A.C.

Gorgeous! What is not to love? Alexander McQueen collaborates with M.A.C. make to create a limited addition makeup collection.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Look what I can do

I am graduating from the Cosmetology program this Friday and therefore updating my resume. This is a list I'm compiling of some of my many, many talents:

  • Completed various M.A.C. makeup classes
  • Completion of Cosmetology program and awaiting State Bored Certification
  • Few credits away from A.A. degrees in both Cosmetology and Fashion Design
  • Education in clothing selection and visual merchandising in addition to apparel, textile, and jewelry design
  • Currently working as an Instructor’s Assistant for College Screen-Printing Class
  • Established label Black Heart Bunny ( in 2005 and working on launching another line this year
  • Have worked with various promoters, photographers, models, hairstylists, makeup artists and boutique owners in producing various fashion and trunk shows for Black Heart Bunny label.
  • Experience in working with representatives in buying apparel to embellish for Black Heart Bunny label.
  • Experience buying new and vintage clothing for successful online boutique I launched before setting aside to nurture Black Heart Bunny.
  • Experience in researching trends and forecasting for both online store and Black Heart Bunny label
  • Worked as a stylist and model for where I was in charge of clothing selection, make-up selection and application, and collaborated with hairstylist on appropriate hairstyle for edgy handbag line
  • Experience with both Mac and PC
  • Experience in following programs; Word, Excel, Outlook, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm in love! I love these silhouettes. I'm too short to rock the maxi, however i think it looks lovely on tall girls.