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HomeGoods StyleScope - I'm a Bohemian Eclectic

HomeGoods StyleScope - I'm a Bohemian Eclectic

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Erika, you are a Bohemian Eclectic

You have wide-ranging interests and influences and so appreciate a mix of styles, cultures, periods, and objects. You would never use a matching suite of furniture or want a home that seemed cookie-cutter. You have an artist's eye that enables you to mix the old or the unusual with the new and modern. When traveling, you seek out unique objects that reflect what you love, and you use them in a sophisticated way. Your home is visually intriguing and comfortable, with a delightful mix of cozy chairs, ethnic fabrics, elegant pieces, hand-made items, even a little touch of quirk or humor, all of which gives your place a laid-back, Bohemian feel.

You value comfort. Your home is a warm and open friendly place, and you feel happiest when everyone is cared for and relaxed in your space. Elements like pillows, throws, overstuffed furniture, and good lighting set the mood. You may also enjoy layering different fabrics or mixing patterns to create a cozy effect.

Putting Your Style to Work!
With your style and needs in mind, here are a few tips that will help you make your home a little happier.

1. Your Design Challenge: ORGANIZE The front hall sets the mood for your entire home. Consider how to accommodate all the room's functions as beautifully as possible. At the very least you need a console, and if you're short on storage, consider a dresser. Outfit the surface with nice trays and bowls for mail, keys and sunglasses. Keep a trash can for immediately tossing the junk mail. Closet-door or wall hooks encourage coat and bag hanging rather than dumping. If you have children, try to give each a basket in the closet for hats and gloves. It's nice to have a chair or bench for changing shoes, a mirror for last-minute lipstick checks, and a lamp or sconces for warm light.

2. Your Happy Place Choose a color or two that harmonizes with the tableware you already own, and collect things like linens, glasses, dessert plates, or platters in those hues. This is a fantastic way to liven up a plain, white table setting. And if you can, set the table the night before a dinner party, so you can really take pleasure in tending to the details.

3. Be Party-Ready All the Time! Drink: The simplest and chicest thing is to have a drinks tray or table always set up. Include a mix of pretty glasses, an ice bucket, a lovely pitcher, and bottles of soda and water. When the bell rings, just add ice and limes.

Food: Devote space in your pantry or on a shelf for go-to party essentials: crackers, dip, chips, nuts—whatever you like to serve. Keep on hand a collection of attractive bowls and cocktail napkins, and you'll be able to set a spread—instantly!

Mood: Nice, flattering light makes us feel good. So nix the harsh, direct light from overhead fixtures in favor of the softer glow from floor and table lamps. Also, keep some votive candles and a couple of hurricane lanterns for setting around the room.

Scent: The first thing you notice about a home is how it smells. Use naturally fragrant cleaning products. If you find a scented candle or fresh potpourri you love, stock up on it. Any scent you like, whether perfume or linen spray, can be used on upholstery, bedding or just spritzed into the air.
You know your style.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Behind The Scenes

Here are some pictures from the short film I worked on. More pictures here.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gossip Girl Decor

Stole this from Apartment Therapy which apparently stole it from another site. It's Serena's bedroom. It would be a fun task to find alternatives. I thought they didn't really provide very good ones IMHO. When I saw the show the other night the lamps were not the Kartell ones though. Hmmmmm

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Short Film Wardrobe Styling

I will be doing the wardrobe styling for a short film this weekend. I am super eger to put my talents to work. Hopefully I will be able to keep you updated if permitted.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pretty Glassware

Just got these super pretty glasses on sale for approx. $4 a piece (including tax) I love them!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lux Tux

This See by Chloe Tuxedo Jacket is currently full price on Saks Fifth Avenue online. Just scored it for next to nothing! Having fun pairing it with whats in my closet. How would you wear it?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Beauty Bar 4.30.9

Somewhat recovered from my wounds. My nose still hurts and I have some abrasions that haven't competently healed. Kept it easy that night, but it was good to see some familiar faces. Also the support was much appreciated <3 :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tonight Beauty Bar San Diego

Tonight Black Heart Bunny Trunk Show and the band Alaskan Summer, band member is from the critically acclaimed show staring Chloƫ Sevigny! Also casting agent from local movie production company will be attending!

Tonight at 9 PM @ The Beauty Bar San Diego !

Be there!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Glasses

Since my old glasses (Rayban Wayfarers) got trashed. I HAD to buy a new pair because I don't like going blind. I decided to get something new. Check these babies out. Now all I need is to get the proscription filled. So far I really dig them! I think they are pretty cute!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Personally Invited to Audition for Project Runway!

April 16 at 3:27pm

"Hi Erika Viereck,
I’m working with the casting department for Project Runway Season 7 and I discovered your collection on Smashing Darling (the video bio you made is awesome). It looks like you have really strong designs and a stunning aesthetic! I hope you’ll submit to Project Runway, it’s going to be a great season and I’d love to see you in the cast. The deadline is fast approaching .... so please download the app ..... and get something in to us right away!
Looking forward to seeing more of your work,"

Wow! So Flattered! :D

Monday, April 06, 2009

Face Smashed

Click to Enlarge

Sorry I couldn't make the Fashion Show this Sat but this happened :(

Today I went to the ER and got an MRI so luckily it came out clear. I'm in sooooo much pain, but they wouldn't give me any meds. SUCKS! Ibuprofen does not do it! It even hurts to lay down or do anything! Sucks!
MY FACE GOT SMASHED and so did my Glasses. My wrist and knee, teeth, lips and other aches are also bumming me out.

I have NO glasses. I can't see AT ALL without them! I'm also completely out contacts too so basically I'm blind and in pain.

So if you'd like to be a pal and help me out! You = my hero!

Sorry about missing out on the Fashion Show but I couldn't help it :(

Buy Handmade

Thanks loves!

Monday, March 23, 2009

MORE Black Heart Bunny News

Black Heart Bunny was featured in the cute as a button blog, Hey I Found This.

I am also proud to announce that Black Heart Bunny is now sold on Stars and Infinite Darkness. I have loved this site since it was known as Virgin Threads. Unfortunately they had to change their name (long story) but the site is just as awesome as ever. They have some of the best indie designers and now Black Heart Bunny is included among them!

Also I'm running a huge clearance sale on my Etsy Site! I have lots of new stuff coming soon so I have to make room! Lots of great deals! Lots of items are ONE OF A KIND!

Buy Handmade

Sunday, March 22, 2009

BHB on Twitter Radio Tomorrow 11:45 AM PST!

Black Heart Bunny designer, Erika Viereck, will be a guest on Twitter Radio tomorrow at 11:45 AM PST

The topics tomorrow will cover the Economic Crisis, Chris Brown and Rhianna and Gay Marriages.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Trash Talk

Courtney Love& Madonna

Never mind all the blah blah blah

You know what I'm talking about.

I think this video is directed by David la Chapelle but it reminds me of John Waters and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Which I'm sure is the point.

(Click to Enlarge)

Great product shot.

Also I'm oddly attracted to these "Trash" shoes. They are all different and cost way too much. I really love the "Indian" picture. Probably politically incorrect but reminds me of Disney's Peter Pan. I'm pretty sure anyone can DYI these with ones on favorite scraps and some glue and collage paste stuff, I forget the name now. Yeeeeeeaaaaaah. Do it Bob Rauschenberg style.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Celebrity hearts Black Heart Bunny

I just realized a Prime Time TV Actress has ordered this item from my Smashing Darling boutique!

I know it has to be her because her stylist often suggests items from Smashing Darling!

What do I do? I want to ask her if its ok for me to disclose the fact that she bought my dress. Maybe even bribe her with a free gift so I can get a picture of her wearing the dress? Now that my computer is working I'll ask the ladies of Smashing Darling what to do!

I also have to tell the lovely actress it's back ordered b/c its super popular so probably won't be getting it till Monday :x

The funny thing is the actress actually looks a bit like the model wearing the dress, Ms Shannon ;)

FYI Still running the Smashing Darling Promo!

To get a 15% discount use promo code: BHBLOVE

If you want this dress I can PROBABLY get it to to you by Monday if you order today or else you may have to wait it week or so :)

Photo Credit: Kevan Christine

Monday, March 09, 2009

Smashing Darling Connects Indie Community

Smashing Darling is amazingly supportive of Indie Artists! I must give a special thanks to Trish Ginter for setting up the Black Heart Bunny last month's photoshoot with photographer Kevan Christine! (Read more about it here.)

Trish blogged about how online networking was used to connect all of us. I found out about Smashing Darling through Twitter. Social media is truly phenomenal! Read all about it on the Smashing Darling blog.

To celebrate the love I am offering a special promotion on Smashing Darling!
To get a 15% discount use promo code: BHBLOVE

Also, on the topic of the power of social media, my blog post about San Diego Fashion Industry Meet-up got a shout out last Friday on PRCouture! Yay! Check it out here!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Review: McQ for Target

People are hating on the McQ line for Target and I completely understand their grievances.

My personal complaint is that the website advertised the release date as March 4th, which is the date it was released online, yet the line hit the actual Target stores March 1st. I feel that was completely misleading and they really should have had both dates be the same. Frustrating.

People are saying that the clothes look cheap.

99% of the line does look pretty chintzy. However, you have to realize the clothes ARE cheap. The most expensive thing in the Target line is $130, while, right now, on Net-A-Porter, the most expensive McQ piece is $845. Remember the Target line is a diffusion of McQ line, not the Alexander McQueen label. There is a difference between the two lines. If people were expecting the Target line to look more like Alexander McQueen's namesake label then there is obviously going to be quite a difference and greater potential for disappointment. Having said that, as far as design goes, the Target line is surprising faithful to the current McQ collection and is being offered for approximately 1/10 of the price. ( Compare for yourself: Target vs Net-A-Porter.)

Are you going to get the same quality? No. Are some of the Target pieces overpriced for the quality? Yes. Yet I wouldn't completely dismiss every piece in the line. Trying something on in harsh florescent lighting in an ugly dressing room that smells like B.O. is not going to make you feel magical. Imagine what the pieces will look like in a normal setting. I would also advise against wearing head-to-toe Target under any circumstance. With the right pairing of higher end accessories that you may already own, you could easily dress up the McQ for Target pieces.

Others say that the clothes are ill fitting.

The cuts are based on Junior sizes. The clothing may fit a petite woman but even then there are issues. I am usually a size 0 or 2 but in the Target line I'm a 5. Good thing I'm not hung up about numbers. Very rarely is ready-to-wear clothing truly ready-to-wear. I need to take most of my clothing to the tailor to ensure a proper fit. Every body type is different and you are completely in the right for NOT buying something that is ill fitting or just plain wrong for your body type. The same can be said for color, not everyone can pull of bright pink or gray depending on a persons skin tone or hair color or eye color. Or you may just not like those colors and that's okay too.

The bottom line is the tag line "Design For All" is bit misleading.

Price wise, Target makes designer clothing more accessible, but that doesn't mean the pieces are for everyone. If you are the kind of person who would wear the original McQ line if you could afford it then there are some pieces in this line that you might fancy.

Blog Love: Broke and Beautiful

The lovely Miss Elle gave Black Heart Bunny an awesome review on her blog, Broke & Beautiful, in a segment entitled ECIC or "Eye Candy [by] Indie Genius." ;)

"So onwards to Black Heart Bunny! I was totally taken by the name (cute + macabre = winning combination) and when I saw the extremely affordable and unique clothing, I was sold. I’m going to be indulging in a few of their pieces, I’m sure…"

Click here to read on!

Thank you Miss Elle!

1 Cent: Collectible Sex Pistols Skirt

Click Here To Bid!

This is a collectible piece of fashion!
Music memorabilia!

  • This isn't just any Sex Pistols skirt, this skirt commemorates the 2003 Sex Pistols' "Piss Off" tour!
  • In addition to the florescent green Sex Pistols print on the pockets of the skirt, there is a gold print of a crown in the front of the skirt. It reads Sex Pistols 2003.
  • This is a collectible piece of fashion!
  • Purchased at a Sex Pistols concert in San Diego in 2003.
  • In excellent condition! Never worn!
  • 100% cotton, flannel material.
  • It is completely adjustable
  • One size fits most.
  • All measurements are approximate
  • 36" across. 13.5" long. 4" of Velcro.
  • Own a piece of Music History!

Monday, March 02, 2009

San Diego Fashion Meet-up

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Fashion Industry Networking Mixer, hosted by FOCUS (Fashion Opportunities Connect US.) The event was held at WildSide Photography Studio in North Park.
I met up with Drea and Paloma, students and stylists who work with designer Stacie May. I first met them at the Kevan Christine photo shoot we did a few weeks ago (see previous post.) An interview of them will be coming in the very first installment of a Vlog/show I am producing. Stay tuned!

I also had the chance to catch up with a few designers I know
! A
nnie Supinger of Eclectic Couture, Isha B. of Chocolate Cherries, and designer Brooke Mrdjenovich. Brooke carries her own line, Brooke Catherine, on her online boutique BCatThreads! In addition to her own line she also carries Eclectic Couture, Chocolate Cherries and my line, Black Heart Bunny!

The guest speaker was Ms Crosby Noricks of, the #1 Fashion PR Blog, PRCouture. Besides being a superstar blogger, she has a long and impressive resume which includes Social Media Strategist at Red Door Interactive and PR instructor for the Fashion Marketing and Management Program at the Art Institute.
She is endearing, witty, insightful and her talk was very motivating.
Besides providing insight into the world Fashion PR and the power of blogging, she also shared with us what fashion means to her on an intimate level. The story behind the her mother's mini dress which she was wearing as a blouse that evening was especially moving.
I was first introduced to Ms Noricks' work
when she started following me on Twitter. She eloquently explained how sharing ones personal and professional experiences in this medium builds relationships in a way that other forms of social media cannot. I personally adore Twitter. It has helped me connect with other professionals in a way I could never have otherwise. It's an amazing and useful tool and I urge everyone to a chance if you haven't already.

Follow me (Black Heart Bunny) on Twitter:

Follow Crosby Noriks AKA PR Couture:

Check out the PR Couture Blog:

All Photos: Thomas Phillip

Sunday, March 01, 2009

1 Cent: TUK White Mary Janes Size 6

AUTHENTIC, GENUINE Tredair (TUK) brogue maryjanes.

White perforated leather


RETAIL: $150 + Tax

CONDITION: Excellent. Gently worn a few times.

Material: Leather with man made soles

Size: Womans US 6

There are a lot of cheap imitators out there, but make no mistake, these are the real deal and are built TOUGH. These will last and last! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the TUK brand the quality is on par with Dr. Martens. This is quality footwear that is extremely well made!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

1 Cent: Vintage Snakeskin Ankle Boots

Auctions start at just 1 Cent!


Size 7 brown pair and black pair of ankle boots made out of genuine snakeskin and leather! Both pairs are sold separately! It is very rare to find accessories made out of snakeskin and when found they are very expensive!

Both pairs have had the bottoms redone so they are almost like new! The lining has also been replaced with this is awesome buffalo red and black plaid flannel. Heels are also in excellent condition. Toes are rounded. 4 inch heel.

These boots are true classics with a bit of a rock-n-roll edge. Couldn't you imagine Kate Moss rocking these bad boys?

Luella Spring 2009

A few months ago I bought a vintage hat/headband that is almost IDENTICAL to this one featured on Luella's Spring '09 runway! I got it for $3 and it is in MINT condition. I don't think it was ever worn. I think it would look great with an lavender/orange floral dress. I wish I could find one. If not maybe I can make one (!!!) Or maybe I'll find a nice lavender dress. I absolutely love this color combo. Also I know there is name for this type of head piece, but it escapes me. If you know what I'm talking about please let me know. Or if you have seen a cute dress that would look good with this headpiece ... holla! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Black Heart Bunny Look Book

Here are the shots from the Black Heart Bunny lookbook shot by photographer Kevan Christine. The photoshoot took place at The Office. Video of the shoot with interviews coming soon! Most items are up on the website!