Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black Heart Bunny @ Sophie Roan NYC !

I'm totally in love with the boutique Sophie Roan, and not just because it's going to start carrying Black Heart Bunny clothing ;)
It's a tiny doll house of a boutique run by fellow indie designer, Liz Grenier!

(Click to see an awesome 360 degree view of the store!)

This reviewer from the site explains the appeal of the boutique well:


04/04/08 12:18 PM

Tiny Space with A Lot of Heart

Before I moved to NYC from Philadelphia, I spent most of my weekend jaunts trolling the shops and restaurants of the East Village, a neighborhood I still love for it’s refusal to cow-tow to Starbucks and other retail giants (although the rate of banks opening up on 2nd Avenue will make your head spin!)

I first happened upon Sophie’s store 2 summers ago and continue to hit her up for truly original designs. I think the small space speaks to the buyer's talent and keen eye for interesting pieces. I especially enjoy the fact that I rarely ever recognize any of the designers or labels. Sophie's room serves as a medium for new talent and those looking for the "next thing" in fashion. Plus, it always feels that much better to know your shirt/jacket/pants/etc came from an independent designer dedicated to creating and pursuing their vision :) "

I just finished making all the items for the order so it should be in store within the next month or so!!!

SophieRoan's Official website
Daily Candy Review!

Address: 117 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009

Can't make it to New York City? You can still buy here.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Imperfekshun Magazine Photo Shoot

*Credits for the model/photographer coming soon.*

  • Here are some of the pics from the shoot.
  • I don't know which ones from the set are actually gong to make into the Magazine but it will coming out soon. 
  • ALSO There is something the will possibly be HUGE might be happening within the next few months but I don't want to jinx it but i will keep you posted. 
  • I will be printing a BRAND NEW UNISEX sytyle TOMORROW!
  • Also I will be offering a Back 2 School discount only available to my myspace friends, so keep an I eye out until then, please enjoy the new pics!

American Psycho

Found this on La Carmina's Blog. If you can't guess, she just got some new biz cards made. LOL

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cool Colaboration

Cool collaboration between Pharrell, Julian Casablancas and Santogold. Titled "My Drive Thru" I think the mp3 is available on