Monday, March 09, 2009

Smashing Darling Connects Indie Community

Smashing Darling is amazingly supportive of Indie Artists! I must give a special thanks to Trish Ginter for setting up the Black Heart Bunny last month's photoshoot with photographer Kevan Christine! (Read more about it here.)

Trish blogged about how online networking was used to connect all of us. I found out about Smashing Darling through Twitter. Social media is truly phenomenal! Read all about it on the Smashing Darling blog.

To celebrate the love I am offering a special promotion on Smashing Darling!
To get a 15% discount use promo code: BHBLOVE

Also, on the topic of the power of social media, my blog post about San Diego Fashion Industry Meet-up got a shout out last Friday on PRCouture! Yay! Check it out here!