Thursday, March 19, 2009

Celebrity hearts Black Heart Bunny

I just realized a Prime Time TV Actress has ordered this item from my Smashing Darling boutique!

I know it has to be her because her stylist often suggests items from Smashing Darling!

What do I do? I want to ask her if its ok for me to disclose the fact that she bought my dress. Maybe even bribe her with a free gift so I can get a picture of her wearing the dress? Now that my computer is working I'll ask the ladies of Smashing Darling what to do!

I also have to tell the lovely actress it's back ordered b/c its super popular so probably won't be getting it till Monday :x

The funny thing is the actress actually looks a bit like the model wearing the dress, Ms Shannon ;)

FYI Still running the Smashing Darling Promo!

To get a 15% discount use promo code: BHBLOVE

If you want this dress I can PROBABLY get it to to you by Monday if you order today or else you may have to wait it week or so :)

Photo Credit: Kevan Christine