Monday, October 15, 2007

I love Halloween & Martha Stewart is a Bad Ass

"To invite your guests, send them a plaster cast of your own index finger, nestled on beds of preserved reindeer moss.

Severed Finger Invitations How-To
Mix mold rubber according to package instructions, and pour into a paper cup.

1. Insert your finger. Remove finger when the mold rubber dries (about 2 minutes).

2. Pour quick-dry casting plaster into the mold, and allow to set overnight. Carefully remove the dried-plaster finger: This may require cutting the mold; otherwise, each mold will usually allow one or two more fingers to be cast before a new mold is required.

3. To make your invitations truly cadaverous, mix India ink and water (1/2 teaspoon ink to 1 cup water), and dab the mixture onto the fingers using a natural sponge. Photocopy the invitation, cut out, and glue to the inside lid of a small cardboard box. Place reindeer moss in the base of the box; using silk embroidery ribbon, tie a "ribbon reminder" around the finger, and place inside the box."

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