Monday, October 15, 2007

Cute Crafts by Jennifer Murphy (Bunnies)

1. Make 2 pompoms, one 6 yard (or 6 arm spans) and one 4 yards (or 4 arm spans). Tie with heavy thread tightly.
2. Trim the larger pompom (body) into an oval. Trim the smaller pompom (head) into a cone. Trim off threads
3. Cut ears out of felt, fold and glue the bottom of the ear and clamp using hemostats. (allow to dry)
4. Glue and press the ears into the head. (allow to dry)
5. Glue eyes into place. (allow to dry)
6. String pink embroidery floss or pink yarn thru the space where the nose should be and trim the same length as the rest of the pompom.
7. Knot a double threaded needle with heavy thread. Pull thru and clip long for whiskers.
8. Open a space in the body for the arms and legs. Glue into the pompom body and push the chenille stems into the body. (allow to dry)
9. Fold chenille stems in half so the end goes into the pompom for the arm. For the legs fold so the bunny becomes the desired height.
10. Glue head onto Body. (allow to dry)
11. Skirt. Cut the round bottoms off two cupcake wrappers. Trim one wrapper with pinking sheers. Glue the two pieces together at waist.
12. Tack the skirt onto the bunny on the front, back and under each arm.
13. Dab small dots of glue around the top of the skirt and glue rick rack into place.
14. Tie a bow around her neck.
15. Bend the bunnies arms to hold a bunch of vintage flowers.
16. Base: paint a small circle of wood off white.
17. Trace the circle on pink paper. Cut just inside the line with pinking sheers and glue onto the wooden base. (allow to dry)
18. Bend the bunnies feet at the ankle and glue her feet onto the wooden base. (allow to dry)

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