Monday, October 15, 2007

Cute Crafts by Jennifer Murphy (pumpkins)

~~~~~ Pumpkin Greetings Project ~~~~~
Felt- orange and black
Heavy Waxed Thread or Dental Floss
Large Needle
Felt Glue
Excelsior Wood Shavings
Black Pins
Heavy Wire
Pipe Cleaners
Small Brads or Gold Pins
Two Fabric Fall Leaves

Making the body and head:
1. Cut two orange felt circles 4" and 5.5" in diameter.

2. With heavy waxed thread or dental floss doubled over and knotted at one end, run a gathering stitch around the outside of the smaller circle.
Leave open. This will become the head for your pumpkin man.

3. Pack a small ball of Excelsior (wood shavings) in a ball slightly larger than the desired size for the finished head.

4. Place the excelsior ball into the felt circle. Pull thread tight. While holding the felt ball stitch around the opening again and knot closed.
You may need to stitch around the opening a third time to pull the opening closed securely. Clip thread.

5. With black floss, sew lines onto the head running the thread from the bottom opening to the center top of the head.

6. Repeat above steps for the larger circle to make the body.

Making the Face:
While everyone can create their own expression for their Jack-O-Lantern, here are the instructions for making one like mine!

7. Cut 2 small triangles for eyes. Place triangles on head and secure with a drop of glue, and stick small black pins to hold in place and look like eyes.

8. Use another black pin in the middle of head for nose.

9. Cut a strip of felt about 1" long with pinking sheers, cut the bottom off in a crescent shape. Stick in place with a dab of glue. Temperately hold in place with pins.

10. Cut a piece of heavy wire about 2" long. Stick one end into the bottom of the head. With a large needle make an opening in the top of the body.
Fill the opening in the head with glue and stick the two pieces together.

11. Make another opening in the body with the large needle for the pipe cleaner arms and legs.
You may need to "thread" the needle with the pipe cleaner to get them to easily come through the body.

12. Cut the arms for desired length. Fold the pipe cleaner legs in half and push the end back into the body.
If you are using fluffy pipe cleaners trim the ends be more slim. Bend into place.

Final Touches:
13. Trim a small velvet leaf into a bow tie shape. Place a small brad or gold pin in the center and press this
into the pumpkin at the base of his neck. Dab a little glue onto the back to hold in place.

14. Place the rest of the brads or pins as buttons down the front of the pumpkin. Glue as needed.

15. Cut down another fabric leaf to about 1/2" leaving the long wire end attached. Bend about a 1/4" below the leaf.
Make an opening in the top of the head, and with a dab of glue stick the leaf and wire into place. Once dry, spiral the wire around a needle.

16. Create your paper greeting for your pumpkin to hold... glue in place.

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