Saturday, April 26, 2008

DwellStudio for Target

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. In addition to being insanely busy with school, sales and designing new items, my computer has also been acting weird and I need to reinstall photoshop.

So lets catch up REALLY FAST.

  • Did an event at mesa college last Thursday and made killer sales.
  • Babydolls are selling like hotcakes in person and online
  • Have a few new designs coming out really soon
  • Started Millinery AKA Hat making class and I'm loving it!
  • Going to do another event at Mesa's student work sale on May 1
  • Probably missing tons of ofter vital info but oh -well

AND Lastly I'm going to get the comforter and pillow set featured above from Dwell Studio for Target (its in mail!) I've been waiting for it for so long I thought it was never going to be sent. You can find the original of this design (that the one above is based on) at the Dwell website for over double the price I am getting it for including silk pillow! It has been very difficult for me to find something that would go with my bedroom. See this post to see my huge sweet cabinet! I guess some how I stumbled on black and yellow color combo. Wish me luck it all looks good and ties together!

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