Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm On Shopping Restriction

I really shouldn't be shopping. I'm stopping today! I swear.
I need to put a lot of my personal clothing collection up for sale. Soon.
However, I just couldn't resist the following purchases:
1) Sailor Dress from Starlets and Harlots. I know this is a knock-of from an indie designer that came out with it awhile back, but I just couldn't resist.
2) I had to buy this pin. I was obsessing about it. I just love it. This etsy designer is amazing. I want just about all her stuff. Creepy cute and one-of-a-kind. Just like me ;P
To find out who designed the pin I bought check out my etsy page:

1 comment:

Tizzalicious said...

I'm in loooooooooove with the dress!

I love your blog! I'll put you on my blog roll, I hope you won't mind! :)