Saturday, March 29, 2008

How was your weekend?

*Photo: FIRST pop noir flyer (featuring Black Heart Bunny March 22, 2007)

I went to to the pre-portion of Pop Noir (my friends were doing hair for the fashion show.) It was the one year anniversary. MY CLOTHING WAS FEATURED AT THE VERY FIRST POP NOIR! ( I have fond memories. It was such a cool nite. It was packed! It was so amazing! Everyone loved my clothes! :D)
I talked to May (AKA MAYSTAR) and it was neat sharing our goals. It was interesting to reflect on how much I've accomplished in a year and what I hoped to accomplish. I met the delightful young lady who contributes to a local university's publication. I'm 99% sure Black Heart Bunny is getting a small blip in the publication. She is just the sweetest girl, so charming.


Woke up at dawn to get a bunch of printing done at school before starting my shift. Completed 2 screens at 50 promotional tote bags (which is the equivalent of 100 one color shirts, because I print both sides.) Then i put in 5.5 hours of work at the school. Total of 11 hours of hard physical labor! Totally looking forward to the new designs I'm going to churn out next weekend! YAY!



World is my oyster!

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