Monday, March 10, 2008

Lou Doillon

This is a slightly older post from the Who What Wear Daily blog, but I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Just to set the record straight I'm not crazy about the picture they picked of Lou Doillion (Jane Birkin's daughter) she looks like a bag lady here. However, I love the picks and I think they make fantastic "quirky" or unexpected basics. The reason I kept coming back to this post is because I own items very similar to the ones they picked (of course I purchased my picks for much, much lower prices over all.)

1. Don't underestimate "cool" colored or quirky sunglasses. You don't necessarily need to get some classic Ray-Bans (although they are pretty sweet!) I raided my grandma's and mom's vintage stash and got some cutie designer ones on sale and some cute cheap ones. Buy at least one good pair you love that goes with your style, but sometimes you need variety if your wardrobe is eclectic.

2. I love super girlie vintage and vintage inspired dresses and if they are a killer shade of pink then all the better. I also love rocking the mini dresses. I love my legs. When I am unsure of what to wear if is hard to go wrong with sweet dress. and in the winter I can pair them with leggings and tights. Charcoal or gray ones were so awesome this winter.

3. Don't underestimate brown heels! A lot of people automatically turn to black shoes as their basic go-to shoe. I however find my brown shoes to be much more versatile. Gladiator sandals are awesome, but I only own them in flats. I do however own a fantastic pair of Elie Tahari brown close toe platform slingbacks I got on super sale!!! I love them.

4. Don't underestimate grey skinny jeans. I have a pair of wonder grey Levi jeans I need to alter from straight leg into "skinnies" (but that's for another post.) Nothing has the same weight as grey jeans. Not even black jeans. There is a reason Kate Moss is always seen in a pair of them.

5. Be careful with red lipstick! It can make your teeth look yellow if they aren't super bright white. However if you can rock it. Go for it.

6. Brown bags are rad too. The bag featured in the WWWD post is actually not a bad buy at $375 (for a sweet luxury bag.) I was lucky enough to find a real brown Balenciaga bag for $75! I want to save a black Channel quilted bag (but again for another post!)

7. The allure of the military jacket and the rocket roll vibe. I went crazy buying these up on ebay at at discount when I could back when Marc Jacobs was the only one churning these bad boys out. They look great with fluffy and girlie but not overly ornate dresses. Looks great with grey jeans and brown accessories too.

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