Monday, February 09, 2009

Pretty Vacent

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I’ve had these Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for what feels like a fashion eternity, hence they are not straight leg jeans (gasp!) I love them because they have this special treatment that makes the rips and holes black while keeping the rest of the jean this cool gray blue. Worn with Stella McCartney lace pumps. I am wearing a black matte lame bandeau from American under my shirt. Looks great under so many of my tops. Don’t you love it when one little inexpensive thing fixes a multitude of looks!

Speaking of inexpensive I got my jeans for a whooping $30! I paid a little extra to get the altered to my size but I have to do that with almost all my pants. My Stella McCartney shoes were only $100. For me part of the fun of fashion is the challenge getting things for the best possible price.

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