Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Black Heart Bunny Sneak Peek

Hey look it's me chillaxing at The Office, behind the scenes of Black Heart Bunny photo shoot!

Still anticipating getting back the OFFICIAL photos from Black Heart Bunny's last two photo shoots but I just couldn't wait to debut some of my brand new pieces! Here are some snap shots of just two of the new pieces, some fun pics taken behind the scenes while the official photographer was setting up.

First of all, I revamped the vary popular lace skull print, by making in oversized and putting it on the also very popular black skirt dress style. Everyone loves the cute, fit, versatility and comfort of this dress. Available for $28. this print will also be available on the very popular pima cotton cardigans and a brand new blouse style!

The next design is brand new! I'm so excited about it I know it's going to be a big hit! The model actually bought the dress and the cardigan version off me at the shoot! She wants to be a buyer after she finishes her run at SDSU, so I took it as an extra big compliment! I was also pleasantly surprised to find out we actually knew each other from High School! So cool! I love San Diego! So cool to see the girl I knew grow up into a fierce young lady!

But I digress, back to the design...

I was very much inspired by seeing feathers sewn on to many haute pieces of clothing, and although I loved the look I thought I could create the same affect in a less costly and more practical manner. I experimented in many ways with this new design. Due to the printing process each piece is 100% unique.
I custom blended many of the inks to create an iridecent look with golden and metallic colors. Although it is not visable in the photos the areas where the feathers overlap looks amazing! A beatiful gradient affect is created. You have to see it in person!
The print is featured on both the front and the back of the dress and will also be featured on pima cotton cardigans and blouses.
The dress is now available for just $28!

Please check these new pieces out and keep an eye out for the new look book pictures and even more new amazing designs from Black Heart Bunny!