Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Love You Golden Blue

(Click On The Pics To Enlarge)

It has been rainy for days and it just cleared up today! The coolest thing I saw was a ring of rainbows around the moon, and the clouds were passing behind the prisms, it looked kind of like the tie dye, only a lot more magical! Today I'm getting ready for the Black Heart Bunny phoot shoot that's going down tomorrow. I'm so glad it cleared up and is sunny again or else we would have had had resecduale. Will post the pics from the shoot as soon I get them. Still waiting for January's photo shoot pics but it takes some time. Also I am working on some new designs today, I'm really excited about the new Black Heart Bunny line and I hope you will love t much as I do!


Lainey said...

I love your shirt. I have it in Beige. Now I wish I had gotten it in both colors. Awesome blog.


Erika Obscura said...

Thank you! Such a great deal I couldn't pass it up!

Sportsgirl said...

Hey there, love the tie-dye and just wanted to let you know that we used your pic on a post on DIY tie dye at www.sportsgirl.com.au! Thanks xo