Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Twelve by Twelve Debuted Today!

I love fashion.

I love Vintage, Designer Clothing and I love Forever 21. Before I went "Back-to-School," I would indulge myself, however this life change has caused me to pinch my purse stings. So I find my pretty things, my cheap thrills, my guilty pleasures at Forever 21, Target (via select "Go Collections") and Topshop. Even with our severely depressingly DEPRESSED dollar Topshop is still a more than sastisfactory alternative to almost anything else that is full-priced "Designer."
Perhaps in the back of my mind I expected "Twelve by Twelve" to be as equally lux as the fashion forward fabulous Topshop, but alas ....

The new line will do well. The dress I have featured in this blog is already sold out in size small. Perhaps in the future it will grow and develop into something greater. I also hope they stop using so much synthetic fabric.

In short: it's a nice line with decent prices.

"Twelve By Twelve is priced about thirty-five percent higher than Forever 21’s usual ensemble, but each piece will cost less than $100." - Style Crunch

I think its supposed to be geared to 30-somethings but I personally think the demographic is closer to 18-35 year-olds.

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