Sunday, September 23, 2007

Biba is the New Black

"Glamour doesn't come much more seductive than this! Infusing 1940's inspired Biba-style with the sirens of Studio 54, the smouldering effect is our new limited edition Halston Collection.
Unleashing a combination of tailored trousers and coats with silky, slinky blouses and dresses, Halston sees the return of vintage-style allure. High waistlines and maxi lengths create a long lean silhouette, while plunging necklines and balloon sleeves add a glamorous groomed appeal. Experiment with slinky pussy-bow blouses tucked into high waisted, wide-leg tweed trousers, topped off with a sequined beanie, or waist a chic art-deco belt over a glistening tea dress and balloon sleeved woolen coat for the ultimate 40's style silhouette. Now simply slip on some polished platforms and start practicing your red-lipped pout."
This Topshop Collection is now sold out, none the less it is a very inspiring over all look for fall. It is interesting that they named the collection Halston since I heard (from this months Teen Vogue) the fashion powers that be were going to resurrect the Halston brand with famed celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe at the helm.

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