Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Consider YR Q A'd

Once in awhile a get questions. This one came via a new myspace friend from the UK.


"random q but what qualifications did u get to work in the fashion industry xx "


My qualifications include studies in fashion design, textile design, screen-printing, visual merchandising, jewelry making (cutting metal, soldering, etc) cosmetology, MAC pro make-up application, millinery (hat making,) wardrobe selection, photo fashion styling and writing. Everything else I know is self-taught. The Internet has plethora of information just waiting for you to tap into. I am also an Instructor’s Assistant at a college screen-printing class.

The most important things I have learned over the years are the importance of craftsmanship and self-discipline. The real life experience I have has also proved invaluable.

My advice to anyone who wants to be a fashion designer is to not make excuses and just start creating.
Also realize that it requires A LOT of hard work to turn your dreams into reality, but nothing beats selling something you made with your own hands and getting recognition for your designs! My designs are currently retailed on various sites online, in boutiques in San Diego and New York City, and were just published in Metro in the UK!

Hope that answers your question!

If you have any other questions please feel free to send me a message!