Monday, February 11, 2008

Marc Jacobs Loves Sonic Youth

Stolen from Nylon blog

Sonic Youth hits the bottle for Moët & Chandon There were many things to be in love with at Marc Jacobs' Fall '08 show:The giant afghan sweaters that looked like a fresh coat of snow on the models.The mohawk hats made by milliner Stephen Jones and straddled the line between anarchy and Americana.The way they gave you a pack of M&Ms when you walked through the door.But maybe the funniest thing about the Marc Jacobs show (besides the fact that it started promptly at 7:15 pm, barring Rachel Zoe, Karen Elson, and even some NYLON staffers from late entry) was the giant bottle of Moët & Chandon given to the band Sonic Youth backstage.The bottle was customized with a hundred Swarovski crystals - an odd gift for a band that sings about luxury greed and consumption, but cool nonetheless.If you want your own bedazzled bottle, it's a pretty easy DIY: Just get some clear nail polish, a toothpick, and some rhinestones. Apply the nail polish to the back of each jewel, then press onto your champagne bottle, and set with a quick blast from a hairdryer.FARAN KRENTCIL"

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