Sunday, November 04, 2007

But They Make Me Feel So Suave and Debonair

Wayfarers don't really make feel like Audrey. I feel more like Ewan McGreggor's charecter in "Down With Love". A little like a cad from the 60's ? Yeah, go figure.
The need for wearing eyeglasses frustrates me so much sometimes. I NEED them, and I need them to work with all my outfits since I can't wear contacts all the time. It's SO difficult for me to find glasses that fit my personal style AND fit my face AND are fashion current AND are durable. What is a girl to do? I opted for some Tortoise Ray Ban* Wayfarers with clear lenses. I know they are everywhere lately but hey chic eye wear is hard to come by.
I must give props to Lens Crafters. They have a pretty decent selection, and if you use your AAA card you get a pretty sic discount AND they really are ready in an hour.
*The weirdest thing is that Ray Ban has their own Myspace page. Crazy.

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